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Dual-screen hits Netbooks


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Though Lenovo started the trend of having two screens on its workstation portable, Kohjinsha believes in bettering this with two 10.1-inch panels on its Netbook.

Showcased at Ceatec 2009 in Japan, the prototype minilaptop runs on an AMD Neo MV-40 1.6GHz processor, 4GB RAM and 160GB HDD. The secondary screen slides behind the first for storage, which makes the unit thicker than your average Netbook. Details on when, or if, this unit will hit mass production is not available at this time. But we do know this: Battery life is going to take a major hit with two power-hungry displays. Also, don't forget another multiscreen laptop , the Tangent Bay concept, which was displayed at Intel San Francisco IDF 2009.



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