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Gmail, AOL and Yahoo email logins posted online in phishing scam


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More than a quarter of a million email accounts on the biggest webmail services are believed to be at risk from online criminals after thousands of passwords belonging to users of the Yahoo, AOL and Gmail services were posted online.

The breach, likely to be the accumulation of a number of separate phishing attacks using fake sites to lure people to leave login details, is believed to be one of the biggest of its kind.

Graham Cluley, a consultant for the security company Sophos, said: "The danger is that people will be using the same password on many different sites, so the criminals will go and try them on Amazon or PayPal or wherever."

Users of those services, and of Microsoft's Hotmail service, are being urged to change their passwords and the security question they use as a precaution.

Read the full news here : News Link


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