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Android Q: What codename will Google use next after Android 9.0 Pie?


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Google has officially launched Android 9.0, publicly confirming the name for the next version of its mobile OS is Pie. Now that the suspense is over, we’re already thinking about 2019. Unless something changes drastically, Google will launch Android 10.0 Q a year from now. What will the next major Android update’s name be?


Historically, Google has used the names of desserts, candy, treats, or cookies as the official codenames for big Android updates. The letter “Q” doesn’t offer many options if Google sticks to sweets, but it’s got a few names to pick from for Android 10.0 Q when the time comes.


Consulting the internet doesn’t give a lot of options, either. There are a few desserts that do start with Q, but most of them originate outside of America. And while they’re surely delicious, they likely lack the level of familiarity that Google is looking for on a marketing level in the US.







This may be the most obvious choice, at least from a branding perspective. Indeed, using the word “quiche” to describe a savory food is almost as open ended as “pie.” It even looks like a pie on the surface. This open flan is made of milk, eggs, and cheese, with your choice of meat, vegetables or seafood, all in a pie crust. While the name is little outside of the straight desserts, candy, or cookies trend, we think Google will lean towards using it for Android 10.0 Q.


Quaker Oats





Quaker Oats is perhaps the most well known name in oatmeal. Many consider it a treat as well as a breakfast dish. Google has used trademark brand names before for previous Android versions; KitKat for Android 4.4 and, of course, Oreo for Android 8.0 which launched a year ago. However, Quaker Oats may also be too far away from Google’s confectionery branding.


Queen of Puddings





This traditional British dessert usually mixes raspberry jam and lemon, baked inside a breadcrumb-based crust, topped off with meringue. As you can see from the image above, it looks delicious and certainly fits with Google’s tradition of sweet food names. However, having three names for an Android code brand might be too much for Google to handle.










This tasty looking custard is popular in Brazil. It’s made of sugar, egg yolks, and ground coconut. Like our previous entry, it definitely fits in with Google’s tradition of sweet brand names. It remains to be seen if Google would use a non-English name for its Android branding, although there’s no real reason why not.







A qottab is an Iranian pastry with almonds or walnuts wrapped in a deep-fried exterior made of flour, sugar, and cardamon. It’s not an obvious choice for the Android 10.0 Q code name, but it’s certainly a memorable one. It also looks yummy.



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Ballistic Gelatin

God forbid they name it "Quiche." (Yeah, it COULD be a dessert if you add enough sugar.)

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