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Disturbing Color Optical Illusions


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As an amateur graphics designer, I was impressed but also alarmed by these optical illusions that seriously undermine one’s confidence in his perception of colors. If you don’t believe the assertion about colors being identical, you can easily verify it by means of any color picker.


This is an old one: Squares A and B are the same color (shade). More accurately put, square B is much darker than it looks and has the shade of A.




And here’s a newer color version:




Another new one: The bright orange in the center of the dark side is actually brown, identical to the brown in the center of the brighter (top) side.





Finally, one that has to do with the perception of brightness: The bright center that seems to emit light is actually equally bright as the outside.


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Dushyantsinh Chavda

I want infinite this type --> optical --> illusion. May never end of this chat! (topic) 


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