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GeForce Game Ready Driver 398.82


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This is the latest WHQL driver for NVIDIA GeForce GPUs as well as TITAN desktop GPUs. NVIDIA GeForce drivers stand for compatibility, reliability, and stability with the widest range of games and applications. Updating your drivers ensures the best experience for every user and delivers continuous performance and feature updates for your NVIDIA product. Users of cards not supported in this release will find the latest drivers available for their card on the Download Page.

Thanks to cybpsych for the update.


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How to remove the Nvidia Telemetry ?

  1. Download the driver
  2. Extract it (with a software such as 7-zip etc)
  3. Open the folder (where the driver was extracted)
  4. Remove the both folder called : "NvTelemetry" and "NvContainer"
  5. Once it's done you can launch the driver installation (via the file called "setup.exe")

How to check it ?

  • What about the folder location ("C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\NvTelemetry") ?
  • Inside the Windows Task Manager (WTM), do you have the "NvTelemetryContainer.exe" ?

It's very simple because you just have to check the both (the process or the folder). If they are absent, you don't have to be worry about it. Because the Nvidia Telemetry wasn't install.


PS :

  • As reminder to open the WTM, you just have to run "taskmgr.exe".
  • As warning : don't try remove Nvidia Geforce Experience ("GFExperience" and "GFExperience.NvStreamSrv") otherwise the driver will refuse to proceed the installation.
  • Yes it will be better if one day Nvidia decide to delete (or split) the Nvidia Geforce Experience from the driver.



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