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Baisvik Disk Cleaner 3


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Baisvik Disk Cleaner 3


Baisvik Disk Cleaner 3 scans the predefined folders and files on the hard drives, in which the system records the various temporary files, such as a temporary folder of Windows, user’s temporary folder, the log files of different applications, browser cache, etc. The user can choose which places of the disks will be scanned. For example, if a user wants to scan only Windows temporary folder, he can select only the category “Windows temporary folder” in the settings in the “Categories” tab.




Download:  http://download.baisvik.com/disk-cleaner/3.3/baisvik-disk-cleaner-setup.exe



Site: https://textuploader.com
Sharecode: /dzvvz



  • The license key is for 1 PC and personal use only
  • No free updates;
  • No free technical support
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