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Ok. This is one of the many strange things that happened.

I logged on to torrentrush 1 day and found out my account was disabled. The reason for banning was left as blank.

Trying to think back the past few days, i know i didn't do anything to get ban. Ratio was good. So it can't be the ratio. I didn't even get warned.

I tried real hard to find their help channel but i can't find it or it doesn't exist. Their IRC channel needs a key.

The point is, i need help to ask why i was ban for no reason at all and of course to use that tracker again.

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Something has probably labeled you as a leecher.. Places like that do that sort of thing.. and even if you were to contact Admin, that is being as elusive as possible.. it s more than likely that you would get nothing done about it...and usually these thins get heated and you wind up throwing words.. which usually gets you a lifetime ban.. for all of your hardwork and monitoring..searching and patience..

My advice.. if there is something you really want from there.. create another account from a new IP address...with a different name an pass.. get it and move on to the next..Just forget about it..its pointless..

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Ah well, strange things do happen. I'm rather indifferent about this anyways. Thanks for the reply ^_^

Though i still appreciate any help given or advice. ;)

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