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iSlide 3.3.1 - PowerPoint add-in


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iSlide 3.3.1 - PowerPoint add-in


iSlide is an all-in-one add-in based on Mircrosoft PowerPoint. A must-have for those who need to design appealing PowerPoint slides.

180,000+ professional templates/icons/diagrams, just click and insert.


12 main features:



1. One-click Optimization. A variety of parameterized settings allow you to rapidly establish a uniform standard of PowerPoint text and then make a professional presentation report.


2. Design Layout. Just select a graphic and let iSlide assist you in one-click circular/matrix duplication. A variety of parameterized settings meet your individual design needs.


3. Theme Library. Designed by professional designers, the Theme Library contains themed fonts/colors/guides/layout presets.


4. Color Library. Rock PowerPoint theme colors just like change "skin". Well-matched color schemes allow you to click and replace.


5. Diagram Library. With 4000+ continuously updated PowerPoint diagrams, the iSlide Diagram Library provides more powerful resources and usage methods to help designers quickly make professional presentations, commercial road shows and more.


6. Icon. Library Icons make the information more intuitive and easy-to-understand.


7. Smart Diagram. Boasting the maximum editability, the Smart Chart allows you to change the icons (100k + icons available) and data (the graphics of the chart will automatically adjust with the value) at any time.


8. Picture Library. It collects high-quality free pictures under the Creative Commons Protocol that can be used anywhere. It allows quick search and one-click insertion. 9. Vector Library Insert huge number of vectors from the library by just a click.


9. Join Images. Join Images feature allows designers to quickly create prototype images without using PS. Generate a long image by just one click, best for viewing on Facebook, Instagram and other mobile browsers.


10. Security Export. Export important PowerPoint documents as non-editable format and videos and images with various parameterizations.


11. ZoomIt. Zoom, Draw, Break, LiveZoom



NB: 6 Month Premium Membership.



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