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Here’s how you can download all the 5K wallpaper loaded on the demo iPad Pro models


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When Apple started using new photos on the boxes of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, we managed to source the four images before they were included on the units when they were shipped.


But there are a bunch more great images pre-loaded on the store demo models, and you can now download them all …


A Redditor AirDropped them to himself at the Apple Store and posted them online.


He initially used Imgur, but it was quickly pointed out that the site reduces the resolution of images, so they have now been re-uploaded to WeTransfer in full 5K.


The Imgur link is still useful, as that’s the best way to quickly see what’s available, and then you can download from WeTransfer if you want them.


Technically, they are demo photos rather than wallpaper, but Apple has clearly selected them because they also make great background images.


There’s one missing from the WeTransfer set: the spectacular aerial shot of Buenos Aires seen above, which is available separately here. You can also download the new iPhone and iPad wallpaper found in iOS 12.


If you know of other great 5K wallpaper, do share the links in the comments.


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