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Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi Now Support Windows 10 Timeline Feature


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Third-party plugin adds more browsers to Timeline

The third-party project that brings new browsers to Windows 10 Timeline feature has advanced quite quickly, and it now supports more apps, including Mozilla Firefox and Vivaldi. Google Chrome was supported from the first iterations of the extension.

Created by Dominic Maas, this extension can now be downloaded for Google Chrome and Vivaldi from the web store and for Firefox from the Firefox Add-ons center.

Windows Timeline is a new feature released to users as part of the Windows 10 April 2018 Update and it creates snapshots of apps, documents, and websites, allowing users to restore them at any point within the next 30 days.

The biggest inconvenient, however, was that by default, Windows Timeline only supported Microsoft apps, so users have been more or less forced to stick with Microsoft Edge for browsing. But thanks to this third-party extension, more browsers are supported as well, including Google Chrome and Firefox, which are currently the leading alternatives to Edge.

Several options available as well

Called Windows Timeline Support, the browser add-on makes it possible to “sync your browsing history to Windows Timeline, access it at a later time or on another device with the same Microsoft Account,” as noted in the official description.

This means the default Microsoft Edge behavior is also available for third-party browsers as well, which is definitely a helpful feature for Windows 10 users.

Furthermore, the extension allows the adjusting of how many seconds users need to stay on a page to be added to Windows Timeline and continue browsing on another device where the same Microsoft account is used.

At this point, Google Chrome is the number one browser on the desktop with a share that exceeds 60 percent, while Microsoft Edge is very far behind with a little over 4 percent, according to third-party data.

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