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Just now, tao said:

Sorry, I strongly disagree and object.


"The full story of Thailand’s extraordinary cave rescue" is news and this article is the latest on BBC.  ?


Sorry but i disagree too!

Your post doesn't have the appearance of any news article


However, i may be wrong, so i leave it here untill other mods take a look at it

If they need to move it back, i have no objection.

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21 minutes ago, Jordan said:

i have no objection.

I have no objection to it being where it ended up.


Yes, going merely by appearances one can say that the post does not have the appearance of a news article.


Focused on the content (and visiting the link), the appearance is trashed.  Meditation played a seminal role in keeping the boys survive their ordeal


I am not objecting to your moderation.  I am objecting to labeling it as a not-a-news-article. 


Let the matter rest -- completely and finally!  Moderators have their hands full and they are rightly focused on other important issues.  This is a trivial issue.   Thank you.  ?

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Full article can be read here (by same author)


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