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STRANGE Prob - Images are unnecessary getting compress/optimize while using net..


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STRANGE prob - Images are unnecessary getting compress/optimize while using net..


yes thats true... while surfing net i seen all images are just getting compress...(like to load it fast).

ex- if image size is 700kb, when i click on it... it expand to full size..but with very poor quality.If i try to save it than it get saved with that high compress size only..some what 80kb.

And even i use download manager to download that image from its direct link ..it will save it in that compress size only 80kb...weird..screw it


This happening when i use mobile tethering on pc...(after 6 months gap me using tethering)

But in past it never happen like this..suddenly wat happen ?


strange part even using download manager to download those image direct link..it will download compress size only..even its shows 700kb file size.


anyone sort out this issue(as hardly anyone able to solve my past issues) ...prob happen mostly in forums,blogs,instagram etc...bloody all compress images.



 i thought it may be browser opera prob.. so i try firefox,IE, chrome,portable Maxthon ..but nope same thing with all ?




this the original pic



and this wat i able too see it..in compress mode



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