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Fake Cop Tries to Pull Over Real Cops


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Unfortunately, this story is true.


Posted: Jul. 13, 2018 4:14 PM
Posted By: Associated Press


PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona authorities say a 44-year-old uniformed security guard is accused of impersonating a police officer by trying to pull over an unmarked car that happened to contain two state troopers patrolling a Phoenix freeway.


The Department of Public Safety says Matthew Allen Disbro of Mesa was driving his personal black Dodge Charger on Wednesday when he activated law-enforcement-style emergency lights on his car to pull over the troopers’ yellow Ford Mustang.


According to the department, the troopers wouldn’t pull over, Disbro then drove alongside, yelled and waved a hand at the troopers to get them to pull over before they activated their own vehicle’s police lights and pulled him over.


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I'd love to see the video for that! As I like to say: stupid people should not procreate. Wait-I don't have any kids, as far as I know. Hmmm....

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