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[Frontpaged] EZ CD Audio Converter


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32+64bit: http://download.poikosoft.com/ez_cd_audio_converter_setup.exe
64bit : https://download.poikosoft.com/ez_cd_audio_converter_setup_x64.exe
32bit : https://download.poikosoft.com/ez_cd_audio_converter_setup_x86.exe


  • Amazon Cover Art Search works again
    • Using the new protocol, because Amazon does not allow the use of Product Advertising API anymore
  • Improved multi-monitor support
    • Move app correctly between the monitors, remember the state of the window
  • Access MusicBrainz service with secure (https/ssl) protocol
    • All Internet connections are now secure except freedb that does not support it
  • Updated website links in the app
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Brother @SalaR

Brother @ARMOUR

are you sure about the update? i am asking just because  here change-log is not released. so not frontpaged yet.

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26 minutes ago, Karamjit said:

here change-log is not released

Changelog is same and already available in OP



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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