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Adventures in deep learning


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Fast.ai - Part 1 - Lesson 1 - Annotated notes


Building a world class image classifier with three lines of Python code


The first lesson gives an introduction into the why and how of the fast.ai course, and you will learn the basics of Jupyter Notebooks and how to use the fast.ai library to build a world-class image classifier in three lines of Python.


You will get a feel for what deep learning is and why it works, as well as possible applications you can build yourself.


These are my annotated notes from the first lesson of the first part of the Fast.ai course. I’m taking the course for a second time, which means I’m re-watching the videos, reading the papers and making sure I am able to reproduce the code. As part of this process I’m writing down more detailed notes to help me better understand the material. Maybe they can be of help to you as well.

Lesson takeaways

By the end of the lesson you should know/understand

Table of Contents


If interested, please take the course < here >.

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