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Hackers Attack A US Gas Station To Steal 600 Gallons Of Fuel


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When we talk about hacking, we usually think of a massive cyber attack on any financial institution. But, from recent hacks and data breach incidents, it seems the hackers have changed their targets. Recently, some crooks tried an not entirely new (and somewhat weird) trick to achieve their goal. These hackers hacked a US gas station to pilfer 600 gallons of fuel worth $1,800 and did so brazenly in the middle of the day.

Hackers Hacked A Detroit Gas Station

As initially disclosed on Wednesday, individuals hacked a Detroit, Michigan gas station to steal 600 gallons of gas. The Marathon gas station suffered this attack on June 23, 2018, when two men reached the pump for fuel. Reportedly, they took control of the pump at the gas station through a remote device, thus preventing the hack from being blocked by the clerk present at the station from his system.


According to Fox2Detroit, the clerk, Aziz Awadh, said about the incident,

“I tried to stop it here from the screen but the screen’s not working. I tried to stop it from the system; nothing working.”

Awadh told that he was able to shut down the pump only after he found the emergency kit. He then called the police. However, until then, the hackers managed to drain a large volume of fuel.

Police Asks For Help To Identify Culprits

According to the initial Police investigations, the hackers used a unique remote device to take over the pump. The hackers are believed to have had 10 vehicles which they filled completely within 90 minutes.


However, as the security cameras were working perfectly, those hackers have been captured in the video recording.


While the investigations continue about the matter, the Detroit Police Department has requested the public to inform them if anyone gets to know anything about the thieves.


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There has been talk of Spyware Embedded in your electonic chips .. Imagine if these were in your nuclear reactors, cars or planes or appliances..

That is why IOT can open up a new set of security risks... Like death stalking you in the Final Destination Movie series




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Sounds fishy.  I know several gas station owners personally, one that has 24 pumps, and the system is wired, not wireless. To get to it you would need to open a pump and find the connections then connect a system to them that could control the pump.  And I don't believe that the operator couldn't find the emergency shutoff since Federal law requires emergency shutoffs be visible and accessible by anyone.  Every gas station I have ever seen has emergency shutoffs outside and inside by the cashier.  Again, this sounds fishy.  

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