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True Transparency


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True Transparency

I was looking through some places and thought that I would look and see if there had been an update for TrueTransparency.. and believe it or not there was over two months ago.. This update fixed a few things that were wrong with my version ( 1 ).. They have added to features carried over from Windows 7 ( Aero Shake & Aero Snap ) that some of you may find worth checking out.. The even have a demo vid on the site.. There are a few skins out there. I happen to be using one I love called TTbrr...available at deviantart.com.

What is True Transparency ?

TrueTransparency is a free application that allows you to replace your windows's borders by skins composed with transparent images. With skins highly configurable, a one-click skin selector, a low memory usage and without installation process, change the look and feel of your windows GUI has never been so easy. Bring Vista transparency to your XP desktop with TrueTransparency.

Be sure to check out the Showcase, and Skins section..Many more of these available at Deviantart.com..And don't for get that these are compatible with other Visual Styles or .msstyles files..Not always just for a transparent look either.

TrueTransparency: English

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