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NYC.com ‘Secretly’ Hosts a Pirate Torrent Site


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NYC.com advertises itself as the world's go-to source for everything there is to love about New York City. Since its inception, the site has sold over $100 million in ticket and hotel inventory. However, as of recently, the site has a copy of the popular torrent site 1337x hidden on a subdomain as well.

Pirates are an inventive bunch and they can get quite creative when it comes to hosting.

But, finding a copy of the popular torrent site 1337x on a prominent domain such as NYC.com doesn’t happen very often.

This is exactly what we stumbled upon this week. The site, which helps people to find the latest hotel and entertainment deals in New York, has been operational since 1996. For some reason, however, it recently expanded into the torrent business.

The ‘secret’ torrent site is hosted on the site’s subdomain “cdn.nyc.com.” It’s unlikely that this is intentional, the more logical explanation would be that an old content delivery network (CDN) domain entry has been breached somehow.

The result is that the NYC.com domain now hosts thousands of pages linking to infringing content. This is not something most legitimate companies would like to happen.


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