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[Game] Rune – Beta Sign Up


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[Game] Rune – Beta Sign Up


Rune is an open world Viking sandbox action RPG that sees humanity rising up to do what the Gods cannot – put an end to Ragnarok, which has ravaged the Nine Realms for seven long years.



Rune (originally called Rune: Ragnarok) is the sequel to Rune, the 17 year old PS2 era action adventure that saw you attempting to stop Loki from bringing about Ragnarok. It seems like the new Rune game must follow on from the bad ending (where you failed to stop Loki) as Ragnarok has now been ravaging the world for seven years and the gods are powerless to stop it – it’s time for you to give it a try!


As you journey through the crumbling open world of Rune you’ll collect resources, explore strange lands and dangerous seas, craft powerful weapons, build ships, raid enemy structures and battle undead Vikings, beasts, dragons and other players in brutal melee combat. Your end goal is the utter destruction of Loki and his minions to allow the world to be reborn. So yeah, it looks like you’re gonna have to take down a god!


We have previously covered the Beta Sign Up for Rune on Alpha Beta Gamer (while it was called Rune: Ragnarok), but this seems to be a separate sign up just for this Beta test which takes place between 12pm and 4pm CDT June 23rd. Be warned this Beta is under an NDA so Odin may strike you down if you stream or discus the game!



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