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nsaneforum homepage opening strangely in chrome ..?


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hey techies ,,

this evening after surfing , i closed the chrome browser . i was logged onto nsaneforum , facebook , yahoomail, n searching something on google.

rght nw , wen i logged on again to nsaneforum , with chrome , the page is opening with these strange pics on all tabs n buttons bars .

please see the attached pic to understand what i mean .

astonished , i opened nsaneforum in firefox n opera , but ,

there was no problem in there. the page was perfect , in all its beauty !!!

it s opening strangely only in chrome .

what could be the problem ?

i havent cleared any surfing history , any cache , or run any activity cleaner , untill now . i think they could solve the problem , but m inquisitive to wat is causing this trouble and that also only in chrome !

but yes i did run d ad aware quick scan with negative results ...

n these pics are from facebook mafia wars game homepage ...

thanks ..



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Are you really sure you cleared your cache?

So what chrome do you use? Dev or stable. Latest one?

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Moved to Site/Forum Feedback.

Forum is working normal for me, only problem is with the front page.

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clearin the cache , dint do any good .

it opened the same funny way .

just ran the advanced system care cleaner n restarted chrome .

opened nsaneforum n there it was , back to its normal looks !

dont know , what was it ..

but its fine now .

n yes the home page is again giving troubles ...

thanks guys ...

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