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[Solved] computer wont start with a 3rd video card, get bios error


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i have a Z87 Extreme 4 mother board with latest BIOS driver an EVGA GTX 760 video card i have been using for years. corsair 650W PSU.

i have recently added a GTX 1060 and it has worked for a few months fine, i today added a GTX 1080 and now i get a D6 bios error code and computer wont start.

i have swapped the cards and ran with the GTX 760 and GTX 1080 only and it works fine, same with GTX 760 and 1060 works find, but when the 1080 and 1060 are both ina t the smae time i get a D6 bios error and computer wont start.

anyone got any idea why this happens?? and how to fix??

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got it working, i both updated the display drivers to the latest and updated the BIOS tot he new beta 3.50 version they got out.

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