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AMD kicks off physics engine push


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AMD has begun a campaign to step up adoption of a new physics engine.

The company said that it would be working with software developer Pixelux to sell developers on a combination of the Bullet Physics engine and OpenCL processing.

AMD said that the campaign would seek to grow use of the platform for such uses as gaming and simulations. The companies hope that by combining the open-source Bullet engine with the OpenCL GPGU standard, developers will have a more powerful and effective way to run physics simulations.

Additionally, AMD hopes that the effort will allow for the adoption of a physics engine which can be taken advantage of by all graphics cards. In announcing initiative, AMD chief graphics technology officer Eric Demers took a swipe at rival Nvidia and its proprietary PhysX engine.

"Proprietary physics solutions divide consumers and ISVs, while stifling true innovation; our competitors even develop code that they themselves admit will not work on hardware other than theirs," said Demers.

"By working with Pixelux and others to enable open support of physics on OpenCL and DirectX 11 capable devices we are taking the exact opposite approach. "

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thats right.PhysX just sucks.i think nobody is going to buy Nvidia GPU for it's Physx support on the hardware.let's stick to the standards.

i hope they also standardize the language one can write programs for GPU acceleration.Nvidia uses CUDA and ATI/AMD uses stream.but this one seems to be far from being realized.

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