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Sticky Password Premium


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Sticky Password Premium
includes a Premium 1-Year license


There are now a large number of web sites that require users to login to make use of their services and this can mean having to remember a huge number of usernames and passwords. Sticky Password can help to make your life easier by filling in online login forms for you. Your usernames and password are stored in a protected database, and rather than having to manually enter details by hand, the program can take care of form filling on your behalf.






>>register and claim<<



Site:  http://textuploader.com

Sharecode: /dp2du





How To Get Your Serial Code
Simply login (create an account if you haven't done previously) and click the "get serial code" button. You should be allocated a serial code immediately.

Note that you must activate your Sticky Password Premium license by September 16 2018.





NOTE:  If any of links do not work for any reason whatsoever, kindly visit the Promo page and obtain the original links


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I have a lifetime license for this but I don’t use this, I like LastPass better and it’s free :P 

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