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Dimo 4K Video Converter


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Dimo 4K Video Converter


  • Awarding-winning. Fast and original quality reserved.
  • Convert 4K videos to all popular used HD/SD/4K videos.
  • Transcode 4K files to iOS devices, Android, iMovie, QT.
  • Download YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook videos in one click.
  • Edit 4K movies; Create 3D; Make GIF, Wireslessly Sharing, etc.







Site: http://textuploader.com

Sharecode: /dpxj8

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Just tried this software.  Since it advertises converting 4K video (which typically has HDR, at least in commercial releases) I figured it would convert HDR to SDR during the encoding process ...... but no it doesnt.  Without that important step, the colors are going to look terrible when encoding from any h265 source with HDR.  There does not even appear to be a h265 encoding option.  It automatically encodes to XViD unless you specify h264.


Still, thanks for sharing.  ;)


BTW .... I usually encode using meGUI with AviSynth.  If anyone knows of a filter that can convert HDR to SDR properly, please let me know.

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DIMO is notorious for "blocking" giveaway keys a few months down the line, even if the giveaway is a lifetime license.

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