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Processor rising to 5 GHz without overclocking!


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New announcements from Computex 2018 continue to come. Intel, one of the stars of the fair, announces the 50th anniversary special processor Intel Core i7 8086K. This new processor clocked at 5.0 GHz speed without intervention.!


The company was celebrating its 50th anniversary, and the 40th anniversary of the x86 architecture was celebrated. 8086K processor under the name of this special day, especially in the Limited Edition with us we have even found a better news at this point. Intel announced that it would give 8,086 of these processors as a gift. You can join the draw from here. But let me say in advance, if you live in one of the countries on the screen, you will not even get this beautiful gift.


The most important feature of this special processor is 5 GHz without any overclocking. it can rise to such an incredible speed. Intel also announced that the Amber Lake Y series processors will meet us in late 2018, along with the Whiskey Lakey series chips. As of this autumn, we will see more than 70 laptop and 2 in 1 notebooks.






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