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Windows Live Local technical preview (pre-beta version) will go live offering “street-side” level imagery for Seattle and San Francisco. Imagery is limited to core downtown areas of the two cities and US customers will be able to access the tech preview directly at http://preview.local.live.com

Windows Live Local technical preview will provide consumers with an early look to provide feedback on the limited release of “street-side” imagery for Windows Live Local. Additionally, consumers can utilize the imagery to augment the current road, aerial, and bird’s eye views currently available when searching for location specific information.

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News Source: www.bink.nu

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dude, that's pretty sweet, will change the world of mads forever. basicly, you'll be able to take a virtual drive and see EXACTLY where to turn and stuff...so you'd have to be atleast 90% stupid to get lost :)

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That is pretty cool. Like Jdawg said, it will be everywhere in a couple of years.

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