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* The tool "Brush". Allows you to draw on the canvas with the selected color. You can also clean drawing with a brush and get the color from the canvas. Choose the desired finished brush from different groups: static, dynamic, brush effects. Adjust the brush parameters - size, flow, spacing and more;
* Tool "Highlight". Allows you to select the desired area on the canvas and place it on different frames than quickly create an animation (for example, changing the position of the object or transparency). You can apply various effects to the selected area: blur, inversion, repaint to another color, and transform the object. It is possible to create your own brushes from the selected area;
* The tool "Crop". Allows you to change the size of the canvas to arbitrary by selecting and adjusting the area. There are blanks of the sizes: 1х1, 2х3, 16х9;
* Tool "Camera". You can create live photos, Stop motion animation, Timelapse video;
* The tool "Registrar". It will help to create animated cards, live painting, captions for animation, movement or scaling of elements in animation.


* Undo/Redo/Clear actions. Cancel or repeat the actions on the canvas;
* Copy/Paste. Allows you to copy the contents of the frame into memory, then paste on one frame, into individual frames or all at once, and also insert data as an object for the selection tool;
* Symmetry. Allows you to speed up the process of drawing - mirror displays the contents. Can interact with the selection tool, which speeds up the placement of objects;
* Cycle management. It makes it unnecessary to create additional frames to repeat. You can create an animation with an infinite repetition, boomerang and a certain number of repeats;
* Backup projects. It makes backup copies of the workflow, thus preventing loss of data upon failure of the program: emergency shutdown, reboot the computer, etc.


* GIF animation mode. Allows you to export animation to GIF file;
* Video mode. Allows you to export animation in video file format (*.avi, *.mp4);
* The artist's mode. Allows you to concentrate on drawing the frame - removes all unnecessary from the interface and adjusts the program for drawing. Simplifies the work when creating a frame and animation in general.


* Hotkeys. Designed to control playback and navigation by frames, quick selection of tools, saving, copy/paste, etc.;
* Parameters of the frame. Framing allows you to draw the rest of the frames along the existing contour. Setting the frame repetition makes it unnecessary to create a copy of the frame for its delay during playback;
* System of layers. Simplifies the process of drawing a frame, dividing the elements of the picture into different layers;
* Timeline. Allows you to create, delete, duplicate frames. Select several frames, move them, clear them. When you select a frame, the canvas displays its contents;
* Color palettes. The palette does not take up much space, is compact and includes all the necessary colors. If it necessary, changes to another color scheme;
* Quick Access Palette. The palette is automatically formed in such a way that all the necessary colors are always right at hand;
* Thematic palettes. We decided to regularly add various thematic palettes, which turned out to be a very useful and popular feature of the program.


* Import images. Allows you to create animations from photos or from a set of images, make a slide show, add an image to the drawing animation;
* Export PDF. You can export a PDF book, storyboard animation or as your own comics;
* Export a set of images (sequence). Export each frame as an image in the specified format;
* Export Speed painting video. You can get a speed painting video in one of the formats: *.avi, *.mp4;
* Save/Open the project. Saves the workflow to a *.amp file and opens files of this format to continue working on the animation.


* Settings of the program. You can simplify the work with the program by setting some parameters more convenient for yourself;
* Scale and resize. It will help to create animations of the selected size, even in HD format;
* Add background music. You can embellish video animation with background music;
* Adding a watermark. Animation can be protected from theft by installing the watermark of your authorship;
* Add-ons store. You can download and install various add-ons to the program, expanding the functionality.


FOR:  OS  :  Windows 8.1




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