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Store Import Listing File Generator


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Store Import Listing File Generator

As a professional app developer you know reach matters so you translated your app. But now you have over a hundred clicks and cut-and-paste operations to upload each language to the store. And of course, one mistake and you must start over - all your time lost. Store Multilingual Generator makes your multi-lingual uploads 100% correct every time. Bing Translate will let you automatically translate your application to 39 languages - and even more are coming! That means many times more customers feeling more connected to your app. Connection is great! But every language takes time. Automatic translations get you some of the way there. But the remaining steps of generating CSV file is slow, tricky, and may change and no partial uploads allowed! Our Store Multilingual Generator saves experienced professionals and novices hours and hundreds of wasted dollars. Your first paid app upload will more than pay for your investment. Our tool just require field mapping information and it will collect and format data from all language resx files.


FOR:  Windows 10 version 10586.0 or higher



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