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NTLite or Win Toolkit? 


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NTLite or Win Toolkit or is there any other alternative? All I need is Software to make a custom WIN 7-10 ISO with Pre Installed App like Chrome, firefox and so on, so i can reinstall windows in my pc whenever the need arises with ease. like the apps is automatically being installed, the wallpaper is set to the one I want automatically.

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i do it using the usual procedure :


i access to audit mode by pressing "CTRL+SHIFT+F3" then install all the needed applications (firefox, office, skype, wallpaper......)

then i sysprep the image disk by simply running "sysprep.exe" (c:\windows\system32), the operation lasts few minutes before rebooting or shuting down (it depends on the chosen option)


then you will have to create a winpe disk to boot from it to be able to capture the image (follow this tutorial for windows 7 (part 10) to do it => here

then when booting i choose "command prompt" option to capture wim image and type this command :


imagex /capture Z:\ X:\install.wim "WIN 7 WITH APPS" /verify

For windows 10, no need to create winpe disk, you just boot and acess to command prompt option and type this command :


dism /Capture-Image /ImageFile:X:\install.wim /CaptureDir:Z:\ /Name:"windows 10"


(x is the drive when you will save the captured image "install.wim", i usually save the image in external hard drive so i can save time instead of waiting for the system to finish completely so i can get the image file)

z is the drive that corresponds to the installed windows version with all applications, to know which drive letter corresponds to the installed windows version, type these command lines :

list disk (you choose the right disk)
list volume ( you will see the right drive letter that corresponds to the installed windows version)


Now you know which drive letter it is, all you will have to do is place it in Z:\


Once the capture has been done, you get your "install.wim" file back and you put it in sources folder of the iso to replace the old "install.wim" by the new created one and all you have to do is to recreate the iso to get the new one.

That's it, this is the procedure i do everytime when i want to install a windows edition with all pre installed applications (sysprep then capture either from VM or from real machine ) and it always worked for me. i hope i was clear enough in my explanation.

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