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Remember Netflix's Message Security Layer? Now Google, INRIA, Mozilla, Twitter, Wire and MIT are working on it too!


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Network Working Group                                           E. Omara
Internet-Draft                                                    Google
Intended status: Informational                             B. Beurdouche
Expires: August 11, 2018                                           INRIA
                                                             E. Rescorla
                                                               S. Inguva
                                                                 A. Kwon
                                                                A. Duric
                                                       February 07, 2018

                 Messaging Layer Security Architecture


   This document describes the architecture and requirements for the
   Messaging Layer Security (MLS) protocol.  MLS provides a security
   layer for group messaging applications with from two to a large
   number of clients.  It is meant to protect against eavesdropping,
   tampering, and message forgery.

From: https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-omara-mls-architecture/




More about MLS: https://github.com/Netflix/msl


Message Security Layer (MSL) is an extensible and flexible secure messaging framework that can be used to transport data between two or more communicating entities. Data may also be associated with specific users, and treated as confidential or non-replayable if so desired.

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