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Linux Mint 19 Beta Is Coming Next Week


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Distro hoppers will be pleased to hear that a Linux Mint 19 beta download will be available at the start of next week.




Sharing the news on the official Linux Mint blog, Linux Mint project lead Clement Lefebvre says that Linux Mint 19 “Tara” builds are undergoing ‘quality analysis’ and last minute bug fixing.


Once this code cleanup is completed — expected shortly — Linux Mint 19 beta downloads will go live on Monday, June 4th.


“We hope you’ll enjoy testing these BETAs and we look forward to receiving your feedback,” Lefebvre adds.


In a break with tradition the Linux mint 19 beta phase is set to last for much of June. The extension is due, in part, to the sizeable number of core changes the update takes in.


Linux Mint 19 is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, the first release to be so. It also benefits from an uplift to GTK 3.22, and switches to ‘Mint-Y’ as its default desktop theme.


There’s also the latest Cinnamon desktop release (packed full of bug fixes and minor tweaks), improvements have been made to the launch time of apps, key software updates rolled in, and an all-new start-up wizard is included to help orientate new users and old alike.


The final, stable release of Linux Mint 19 “Tara” is due at the end of June.


Thanks Joey for the article  and my AMD PC  waiting and I'm ready to beta test the latest version of Linux Mint once again Woot! Woot! :lol:



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To anyone interested here are the mirrors 


linuxmint-19-cinnamon-32bit-beta.iso  2018-05-31 20:01  1.7G 
linuxmint-19-cinnamon-64bit-beta.iso  2018-05-31 19:16  1.7G 
linuxmint-19-mate-32bit-beta.iso   2018-05-31 20:57  1.8G 
linuxmint-19-mate-64bit-beta.iso  2018-05-31 17:46  1.8G 
linuxmint-19-xfce-32bit-beta.iso    2018-05-31 22:02  1.7G 
linuxmint-19-xfce-64bit-beta.iso    2018-05-31 18:31  1.7G 



93e95c26155b7e8d899b1853eae61d2dc9f95f9c984f8a4939bfcb5eafdccd8f *linuxmint-19-cinnamon-32bit-beta.iso
dd2a619f84a55084a3fcc743ceecce3c004ef22919662b09fbc08657c185608b *linuxmint-19-cinnamon-64bit-beta.iso
a36eba61211bc7f7a77c696fa03616edef98acc3da40d52aa2eaee5661b9c695 *linuxmint-19-mate-32bit-beta.iso
95511f65df4807bcfff9d17de684ad43fba6aea50c7f5c4d3fa26997c93d2fb8 *linuxmint-19-mate-64bit-beta.iso
d57df88d2c17e3a977db4a6b2b68c209575b19658d64b2282d46d7e338de181e *linuxmint-19-xfce-32bit-beta.iso
3b2a685a2e30a97404b35987a93feb4027a8d5e1367b7829c5add09f303e0358 *linuxmint-19-xfce-64bit-beta.iso




Ftp: ftp://ftp.heanet.ie/pub/linuxmint.com/testing/


Once beta testing is over you want need  to reinstall  they will update you  to stable,  bug reports need to be posted at linux mint blog  .

This is beta software not meant to be used in a production environment, its for testing and getting new features early  and could cause regressions .If you have any doubts  please wait on stable   and use at you're own risk and have fun . It shouldn't  be to bad because it's based on Ubuntu 18.04  LTS   witch came out 2018-04-26 witch i been using on the PC im on now.


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12 hours ago, tambler said:


Not quite the first - Pearl Linux Mate and Cinnamon have been available for weeks!  B)






Cinnamon is just DE it's not and OS many versions of Linux have Cinnamon desktop like Manjaro has a community edition  Cinnamon and Mate and other Linux distros do too . Arch Linux always would be the 1st ones to get the new DEs  because they are rolling releases  but unlike Mate and others the Linux Mint team makes Cinnamon desktop



If  Pearl is using Cinnamon 3.8 it was not finished  yet  and buggy.





Excellent news! So we don’t need to wait for Mint 19. When will it be available in the official repo? Thank you very much!!





Linux Mint

Hi Horacio,

Sorry, you definitely do. First, Cinnamon 3.8 will mature, with bug fixes and translation updates in the month or so which separates the releases of Cinnamon and Linux Mint. Second, this time around it’s not compatible with older GTK and the libraries present in Mint 18.x or LMDE 2, so you won’t be able to get it via PPA or to compile it via Github, there’s a version bump in dependencies as we’re preparing for the new bases and leaving some of the old libraries and components behind.






Linux Mint

Hi Peter,

It’s available to other distributions so it’s important we announce it for them as well.

Among other distributions, we always target our next Mint and LMDE releases, in this case these are Mint 19 and LMDE 3, both of which run GTK 3.22 and newer libs than Mint 18.x and LMDE2, so the timing is perfect for us to bump the dependencies and move to newer components.

BETAs for Mint 19 are likely to be out this May and they will include Cinnamon 3.8. We’re already receiving feedback from rolling distributions such as Arch Linux.





You will never get no more stable experience using Cinnamon than using it in Linux Mint  because they make it, before when Beta testing for them  Linux Mint updated Cinnamon during beta to remove any bugs they find. I no longer use Cinnamon it's really pretty but it has it's bugs  . I use Linux Mint Mate  on one PC and the other one I use Ubuntu Budgie. Ubuntu Mate has been out since 2018-04-26 and the latest Arch always gets it 1st . The 1st Linux i ever used was Linux Mint Cinnamon but i no longer use this DE . Rolling releases  test the latest Cinnamon out and Linux Mint do patches based on this and any bugs they find during beta they will patch .Linux Mint  all there releases have updates for 5 years LTS.  :)

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Hi steven36,


I've been using Zorin since it was posted here earlier in the year and find it quite user friendly for a distro

I've used Mint a few times over the years but never really liked it despite it being so highly rated, perhaps it's the cinnamon interface, why is mate better\ different or is it just personal preference

I may give it a test once mint is out of beta



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