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Microsoft's free racing game is controlled using only a mouse


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Initial reactions haven't been great


Bottom line: Some might use the fact that it’s free to defend against criticism of Miami Racer, a mobile-style title that’s essentially one long QTE, but Fortnite Battle Royale, Dota 2, Path of Exile, and LoL are also free, and they’re great.

If you’re a fan of racing games such as the Forza series or Project Cars, you’ll know how much more immersive they are when using peripherals. But a new racer from Microsoft doesn’t support the likes of racing wheels and pedals. You can’t even use a gamepad or a keyboard; it’s all controlled with the mouse.

Miami Street is a free-to-play racing game that’s available on the Windows Store. As the whole game is played using only the mouse buttons, the car steers itself, and it’s up to the player to manage the speed, brakes, and boosts using left and right clicks. Each race is a bit like a long quick time event.

While some racers require a beefy PC, Microsoft claims Miami Street is "built from the ground up to look and play fantastic on any Windows 10 device." It does appear simplistic, though the description says there are multiple paths to victory—choosing harder routes equals more rewards—so there’s at least a little bit of variety. It also includes one-on-one racing and an ever-growing roster of cars, with Microsoft constantly adding new vehicles.

While Miami Street obviously isn’t going to offer the same kind of depth or playability as a fully-fledged racer like one of the Forza games; it’s primarily aimed at those who want a quick and casual session. Races can be completed in under one minute, but a full series can go on for hours.

Not too surprisingly, this mobile-like title doesn’t seem to have been very well received, at least on YouTube (it's got better reviews on the Windows Store). The trailer has received over 700 thumbs down votes, with just over 80 thumbs ups. The top comment appears to represent most people’s views: “This 'Miami Street' is an insult to all racing games.”

Interestingly, Windows Central reports that Miami Racer could be one of the first Surface Andromeda games.


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