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High school physics course notes, with JavaScript simulations


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This page contains notes for introductory high school physics. It was written for my students, but it might be useful for anyone learning physics. All notes, simulations, and examples were written by Ross Landgreen unless otherwise attributed. Most of the work was done between 2017-2018.


The simulations were written in JavaScript, outputting to canvas or SVG.
Math is represented with the typesetting library KaTeX.
Some physics simulations use the 2-d Physics engine matter.js.

About Physics

Physics is science. One of the most fundamental scientific disciplines, physics investigates how matter and energy change over space and time.

Physics advances technology. Physics is behind all the different technologies in a cell phone. Physics explains how electromagnetic waves encode information between a cell phone and tower, how electricity in the computer chips is controlled by transistors, resistors, and other elements, how a phone's speaker produces changing waves of air pressure, and how a phone uses GPS to know its position.

Physics guides engineering. A knowledge of physics allows engineers to predict how reality behaves, which helps them design, tinker, and experiment

Physics speaks with math. Math is the language physics uses to predict and communicate the nature of our universe.


If interested, please explore < here >.

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