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Mozilla and Widmer Brothers brew beer based on open-sourced data


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OpenSourcery Tropical IPA made with open-source mindset and ancient art of brewing



Open-sourced beer.....whatever next?


MOZILLA MAKES software and Firefox, so the last place you'd expect it to be is a brewery, but it's teamed up with one to create an open-sourced beer.


The company worked with Oregon-based brewery Widmer Brothers to create a beer based on data collected from a survey that was then crunched by the brewers to figure out the combination of hops and other ingredients and beer style that would suit the beer-swilling community.


"We sent out a wide net in the Twitter community, social media and asked them to fill out what they're interested in flavours they like, feel they wanted," said David Camp vice president of Firefox Engineering. "Similar to how they collect feedback for the browser, that's how they collect feedback for the beer."


This ended up in the form of the OpenSourcery Tropical IPA , which according to Digital Trends which sampled the beverage, it's a suitably un-tropical tipple and more akin to n American IPA, making it a very drinkable beer.


By embracing the open-source attitude, Mozilla and Widmer Brothers will continue to improve upon the beer by getting feedback from the people who've quaffed it and then tweak the recipe again, essentially taking open-source software development and applying the method to the ancient art of brewing.

Now we hear a lot about digital transformation here at The INQUIRER but it's often about old and rather dull companies replacing their old IT systems with swanky cloud services to do whatever boring thing they do a little faster and cheaper. But mixing digital tech and data with beer is something we can get behind; just ask resident beer monster Chris Merriman.

Taking an open-source approach to development is also something we can get behind as it results in the creation of tech that has feature people want rather than unnecessary extras - looking at you iPhone X Animojis. Take the Eve V for example, a Surface-like hybrid that was designed in reaction to community input.




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