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TraceFree is the first browser that hides all your personal data from any website; even hides your data from Google


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Privacy and data abuse take the center stage in the Facebook data abuse with Cambridge Analytica. Are you tired of your ISP company sharing personal data with marketing companies? If yes, you might want to consider a new browser, called TraceFree. It is a new browser that not only hide your browsing history, but also free from cookies. As we all know, cookies are used by companies like Google and marketing companies, to target and re-target potential consumers with relevant ads.

Today, TraceFree announced the launch of the first web browser that makes it impossible for any site, including Google, to see or share a user’s personal data. The user is now finally in charge and can control what, if any, personal information gets revealed on a website. This technology leapfrogs, and will ultimately replace, a virtual private network (VPN) by giving complete anonymity and security while also hiding browsing activity from the internet provider.


The recent Facebook controversy and new government data regulations have forced companies to update their website privacy

policies. However, there is still NO WAY a user can be sure their data does not continue to be shared or sold improperly. TraceFree eliminates this fear by NOT allowing a website to see, capture, share or track their personal data.

“TraceFree is the world’s first virtual private browser, and it disrupts data collection from internet browsing. The consumer finally has their OWN ONLINE PRIVACY POLICY and it overrules any website’s. It forces the website to automatically agree to the user’s privacy policy when they land on their site.”… Scott Shaffer Founder TraceFree

The Boca Raton, Florida-based startup is marketing the world’s first virtual private browser that allows web users to surf with anonymity and complete security. The browser with its special privacy features provides the user with their own Online Privacy Policy.

The company is currently offering the much-needed solution to the online privacy problem in their Kickstarter campaign:

Consumers have been given a false sense of privacy and security with solutions like incognito mode, virtual private network, privacy apps and private search engines. All of these “private” solutions STILL allow a website to gain access to the user’s computer.

Unlike VPN which only hides your IP address, TraceFree hides everything. Below is a table of the difference between VPN and TraceFree.

TraceFree gives the user anonymity and complete security because the website can never see or touch the user’s computer. This also prevents cookies, browsing history and viruses from ever getting on the user’s device. Gartner Inc., the world’s leading research and advisory company, identified the “remote browser” as one of the Top Technologies for Security.

TraceFree IS a remote browser and also includes special privacy features. The user starts each session with a cookie-free browser and all data is deleted on logout. TraceFree is offering early availability of the browser to backers on Kickstarter.


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