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TorrentSafe (6 months license) Premium Key | One Device


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TorrentSafe (6 months license) Premium Key | One Device

  • Torrentsafe.com is a web torrent client, or cloud torrent client capable of anonymously downloading torrents simply by "copy and paste" of the torrent magnet to the web page.
  • As a VPN alternative TorrentSafe.com will make the torrent download for the user then allow the user to download the completed file directly.
  • This also can by pass ISP restrictions and speed up downloads. Torrentsafe.com uses high speed servers with blazing fast download speeds. Users may also stream their file in the browser page. Unlike competitor like zbigz or seedr, torrentsafe offers unlimited download file size and unlimited files for premium users. Please read terms of service prior to use.
  • System requirements: Internet connection;









Please visit the page below to request license key to your email address:



- follow link to landing page.
- enter email
- license key will be emailed to user
- enter license key in top right of the website, torrentsafe.com




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On 02/06/2018 at 7:29 AM, Prabu said:

Is this safe without VPN?

As far as I understand, they don't log anything so it should be safe? Don't know if they are in the 14 eyes jurisdiction though. I use NordVPN for myself because of those 2 reasons and I feel safe TBH.


They also seem kinda pricey for what they offer.

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