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Countless Hack Attempts on Portland’s City Systems


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Hack attempts on Portland isn’t new. Last year, hackers made countless phishing attacks to hack into emails of many people and that cost the country more than $676 million.


These kinds of attacks are still common today. Quite recently, Portland’s chief security officer, Jeffrey Baer observed a number of suspicious activities by hackers to gain control of the city systems.


Was Any Data Stolen?

As of yet, nothing is stolen nor is any database or billing system altered, however, some hacking attempts did go successful. These involve compromised email addresses. The people affected are still being looked into.


What Types Of Attacks Are Being Utilized?

According to Bear, these attacks are mostly phishing scams attempted to gain control of credit card information and system control.


Who Are The Hackers?

The hackers are unknown but their motive is clear. They want to steal and gain control of some of the most important city systems of Portland.


The Bottomline

Portland has been a victim to major cyber attack in the past and the same danger hovers above it. It is high time that security teams look into it and apprehend these hackers who have been inflicting damage for so many years.


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