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Portable applications for your ChrisPE, or any other PE


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Portable applications for your ChrisPE, or any other PE

This Portable applications, if you prefer, can replace with a portable version some scripts with same names on "Scripts Free Applications Pack", if you want to do this only deselect that scripts in order to not include them in your build. This first package contains the following applications:

Portables x86		Description

AmoK_DVD_Burner		CD/DVD Burner
BootIce_x86		Disk &  BCD Tasks
Double Driver		Drivers backup
Gotcha! Data Backup	Backup user data
HWiNFO32		Hardware Info
IrfanView 32-bit	Graphic Viewer
SwiftSearch		File/Folder Finder on NTFS partitions
Wimlib_clc_x86		Wimlib GUI
WinContig_x86		File defragmenter

Portables x64		Description

BootIce_x64		Disk &  BCD Tasks
HWiNFO64		Hardware Info
IrfanView 64-bit	Graphic Viewer
Wimlib_clc_x64		Wimlib GUI
WinContig_x64		File defragmenter

NOTE: I recently substituted Amok DVD Burner by ImgBurn.


Download Free Portable Applications x86 & x64.zip, into it there is a README.txt, with following instructions:

Assuming you add to your PE build PStart.script, follow next instuctions please:

All you need to do is:

Extract Portables.zip to the root of any partition of your internal HD or your USB device.

If you are making a multi-Isos bootable CD/DVD, Extract Portables.zip to the root of the folder where all Isos are before making the Iso.

If your old PE did not have PStart.script when made, you will have to manually find and run ...\PStart\PStart.exe


I am making a little tutorial (will be available soon) to let you know how you can 7z compress and run your own favorite applications this way.

The advantages of this approach are:

- Keep your Portables outside of boot.wim, making it smaller wich is good for systems with low ram.

- As boot.wim is smaller it boots faster.

- Applications are copied only once to your device, and are avalible to run from any Windows PE.

- Applications are highly compressed with 7z LZMA2 compression.

- When an application is ran it is extracted/decompressed to %SystemRoot%\Temp (X:\Temp on PE, or C:\Temp on OS), and once the program is closed it is deleted from X:\Temp on PE, or C:\Temp when ran on OS, freeing the used RAM.


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