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You'll be able to play Fortnite on Android devices this summer


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Fortnite Battle Royale has been a tremendous success story for Epic Games, but its popularity has also been behind positive results for other companies as well.


Despite the huge success among gamers, it was somewhat surprising to see the company announce a full-fledged version of the game for mobile devices back in March. Nevertheless, the game didn't take too long to reach iOS users, and it now looks like Android users are set to receive some battle royale action soon.


In a blog post titled The State of Mobile, Epic Games confirmed the existence of an Android version and announced a summer release date for it. At least, that's the plan.


The blog post also details some improvements the developer is planning for the mobile version of the game, notably including the addition of voice chat, improvements to the game's performance, enhanced controls, and reduced data usage. These improvements are presumably making their way to both the iOS and Android versions.

Fortnite's success shows no signs of slowing down, and the Android release should only add to its raging popularity.


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