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MPEG-2 discs to DVD


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I have quite a number of MPEG-2 discs of a Korea Movie(Dae Jangqeum) and like to convert and burn them onto DVDs.

How can I merge, convert and burn those discs onto DVDs? Do I have to convert them first into other format files prior to be burnt onto DVD? What softwares I need to employ to perform this task?

Hope any member(s) can recommend best softwares required and provide detailed working steps for the conversion and burning process if feasible.

Thanks very much for the kind assistance rendered!

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well depends now on what you wanna do more exactly.

do you wanna make it in a simple DVD just search and install DVDFab, easy to use without too much pain in the a** settings

but because this series has lots of episodes you will end up making lots of dvds


now there is another option that i find really good, and is my advice for yo to use for less space on your hdds and dvds if you wanna burn it on them


just reencode the series into x264 or x265 if you know how to do it ... or just upload the video files on a host that will make the encoding for you (example: openload.co, rapidvideo.com) where you have options to keep the quality of the reencode at "p to 1080p FullHD". after they did the conversion you just download from them the final product and then just burn them as they are (you can add subs in the mp4 after if you need) on the dvds.


hope this helps...

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