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Top speech to text software?


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It depends on what you need that kind of software for:


If you just need to make your PC speak some text you can use Balabolka.


If you need a Text to Speech reader to read e.g. PDF documents, use Adobe Reader with the built-in accessibility option.


If you need to control your PC with your voice or do more than the above, you can try Dragon Naturally Speaking.


The latter isn't free but there's a fix available (I didn't personally try it).


As a sidenote, if you have Notepad++ installed there's a plugin called Speech to read text files.



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49 minutes ago, Dino101 said:

Can anyone suggest a good speech to text software?

I think the Balabolka is good speech software, is portable to, maybe you try!


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as far as i am concerned i only used Dragon NaturallySpeaking  for speach to text, is acceptable imo, with some adjustments you can just use it to write documents and stuff, but until you get used to it, it will take some time

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