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[Android] Ivacy Lite - Free VPN


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Ivacy Lite - Free VPN





Ivacy’s partnership with the NCSA (National Cyber Security Alliance) brings free internet via Ivacy Lite. 

Ivacy Lite is a free, unlimited and easy to use VPN for Android devices. 

Ivacy Lite protects your online privacy, masks your IP address, lets you access your favorite websites, encrypts your internet traffic and helps you browse without restrictions with complete safety and anonymity. 

With Ivacy Lite you can:
• Unblock and access websites. 
• Keep all your online activities private.
• Stay private and anonymous online
• Mask IP to make you invisible to trackers.
• Be secure with Military grade encryption and security. 

Here is what to expect from the app:
• 24/7 live customer support
• Connect to an optimal sever right away via ‘Quick Connect’. 
• Unlimited download and upload speeds for blazing fast streaming.
• Upgrade to the premium account from within the app. 

What does Ivacy Lite do?
Ivacy Lite allows you to browse anything from anywhere, anytime with the peace of mind knowing that you are completely safe and protected online. 


How does Ivacy Lite Work?
Ivacy Lite provides you with a trustworthy connection through an encrypted tunnel between you and your target website, using VPN technology.
Ivacy Lite masks your real IP address to give you completely anonymity online so you are invisible to trackers.
Ivacy Lite offers smart connection that allows you to connect quickly with a single tap.

What does Ivacy Premium offer?
Ivacy Premium offers truly unlimited access to content and websites online. Ivacy premium offers 400+ locations worldwide with multiple protocols and dedicated purposes to select from based on your needs. With advanced security with Internet KillSwitch, Split tunneling and multiport features. 

Ivacy Lite is perfect for those individuals that crave a free internet. However, it does not sacrifice the much needed security and anonymity required to enjoy true internet freedom. 

Support: https://support.ivacy.com/
Privacy Policy: https://www.ivacy.com/legal/#tab_privacy_policy
Terms of Service: https://www.ivacy.com/legal/#term_of_usage

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