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Steam] 3 NEW PC GAMES FREE @ Indiegala


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[Steam] 3 NEW PC GAMES 


GRAB 3 FREE games for STEAM! This time you can get the games WHY SO EVIL, WHY SO EVIL 2: DISTOPIA, BRILLIANT BOB. 


WHY SO EVIL: No saving! No checkpoints! No mercy! 50 levels of pure evil, traps, secrets and a lot of ways to die! We challenge every single gamer to complete this game! It's not if you can beat it, but how far you can get! A game that will make you ask WHY SO EVIL...


WHY SO EVIL 2: Fast thinking and reflexes are required in order for you to survive all the traps and the attacks of your enemies. It will try to surprise you on your every move, and most probably succeed. And when you think you have finally won and you are safe, ...


BRILLIANT BOB: Revel in a brilliant story, fast-paced puzzles and thrillingly designed levels in reportedly the first adventure of the action adventure platformer saga about Bob, a truly brilliant fellow from Sekotwana!





  • First follow the deal link  - <<scroll 3/4 down the page>>
  • There, a banner will be displayed on the top right corner of the X .
  • Now click Claim Free Copy 
  • Click Captcha 
  • Go to the library, download a Steam Key for 3 games




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