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O&O SafeErase 11 Professional


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O&O SafeErase 11 Professional


O&O SafeErase Professional is designed to give you an option for ensuring data you want deleted really does get deleted beyond the point of no return. At its most basic level, O&O SafeErase can wipe files with zeroes or employ a number of more thorough, secure (and slower) methods recognised by such luminaries at the US Department of Defense to ensure files deleted from your computer can’t be recovered – by you or anyone else.


O&O SafeErase also includes tools for securely wiping clean all traces of your internet browsing, from cookies and downloaded files to the pages you’ve visited. The four major browsers – Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera – are supported. There’s also a component for wiping insecure Windows and program files, such as temporary files and cookies, ensuring you keep your activities secret.


The above product is on promotion by img2File.gif for approximately 72 days.  

  • You need to register at the link to get the product.
  • Download link can be found at the promo page.
  • Key displayed at promo page after registering and at the email address you submitted.


  • Log in (Sign up if you don't have an account yet) to the site
  • After successfully logged in, you will go back to the product page
  • Scroll download & look at the 'GET SERIAL CODE' button
  • Click on it & the serial code will be displayed


Members do take note that this is not the latest version, as the latest version is indeed v12.


PROMO1 :  http://safeerase11.disc.computershopper.co.uk


Download Page directly from O&O:  DL1





O&O is also promoting this software at the following link: Link

  • In respect of O & O's direct promotion kindly submit a temporary email  to avoid spam.
  • Use GTranslate > you will receive the download link and key via email


  • go to the link page in GERMAN
  • Enter your email in form Ihre E-Mail-Adresse
  • Click on 'Kostenloase Lizenz Anfordern' & the serial code will sent to your email


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