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O & O DiskImage 11 Professional


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O&O DiskImage 11 Professional


O & O DiskImage Professional allows you to backup your entire computer or individual files at any time - even when the computer is used. In case of loss of personal data, they can be easily restored with just a few clicks - even when Windows will not start. The program supports SSD-drives and the latest UEFI systems.


O & O DiskImage allows for system recovery, and duplicate or clone an entire computer or your entire hard drive. You can even restore backup on a specific computer hardware components which are different from the original machine, for example, when the motherboard is replaced, or the acquisition of a completely different computer.




Registration Link




Terms of The Offer:

  • You get a lifetime license for 1 user for home use
  • Program with English interface
  • Updates of the program are not available. License is only for version 11.0.
  • You can install / reinstall after the end of this sentence. To do this, save the registration data


NB:  This is not the latest version of O & O DiskImage PRO.  The latest version is version 12.

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