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Twitter with new "App" for Windows 10


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Twitter with new "App" for Windows 10

Microsoft yesterday 'previous best Twitter app "for users of the Windows 10 April 2018 Updates proudly  announced . The so-called "App" is in my eyes but rather a tragedy and shows how small the claims by Microsoft itself and the users of the Windows platform are now. I can not share the euphoria of the blogging colleagues about the new entry in the Microsoft Store.


The new app is only available on Windows version 1803 because it is a Progressive Web App (PWA) and is only now being properly supported by Windows. Things like jump lists, notifications, and integration with the sharing menu have been built into Twitter.


A little bit I had to smile right after the start of the Twitter PWA: There appear at the bottom of the same cookie and privacy popups as on the website. And all the links down there open (almost) all directly the browser. The whole thing feels like a website - and then you can give in my opinion, such an app right away.





And since this is actually nothing more than a website with a few additional functions displayed with the edge browser, the actually well-meant e-mail notification for new applications is not useful in this case: "Edge on Windows "as the access device, not" Twitter on Windows ". For a normal user with no technical background, this is more than confusing.


Something can not be published as a company with several hundred million euros in sales per quarter. The Twitter PWA speaks at a single place even rudimentary the current design language of Windows 10 and overall looks more like a foreign body. Since the old app seemed much more coherent - 280 characters or not. The hype about the new Twitter PWA is an insult to all developers who are on the Windows platform and spend a lot of time and nerves developing native apps with the look and feel.


Use Twitter PWA without signing up

A little tip at the end: The old Twitter app could indeed be used without a Twitter account for browsing and searching. On the other hand, the new Twitter PWA wants to force users to register - but I have discovered a small workaround on how to at least partially use the new app for Windows 10 without logging in. Settings ". Then, for once, the browser will not open directly. Then you can use the search field above without registration.


If you still want to take a look at the new Twitter app for the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, here is the way to download the store:




And now I'm looking forward to the comments, which want to explain to me that PWAs and the new Twitter app in particular are really great. Or sees that with the Twitter PWA still someone like me?

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