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Let's share photography you possess or come across anywhere! Something that either has a special meaning for you or you find just plain amazing.


Before you post please read the following: 
ALL TASTEFUL Photo's. Pictures, Drawings, Paintings etc. are accepted here and by amazing I mean what ever you find amazing whether it's personal pictures, or something you find amazing on the internet, Please no sexually subjective, vulgar matter,or video content, no jokes, cartoons. etc. there are already reserved topics open for those things, Please provide a small explanation about your find or any information about the picture in question.  If any member finds any content posted in this thread distasteful ,sexists ,racists, discriminating  in any way PLEASE HIT THE REPORT BUTTON.  So with all this said, lets get back to business, It's all about having fun.. Thank YOU for your participation


Here's a place I used to go swimming at in the late 1970's. Willamina Creek Falls.

I lived in a little cabin a couple miles from here. No electricity - no running water - no internet :P. Best time of my life.



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Barranquilla, Colombia

Venezuelan migrant and rap singer Alfonso Mendoza aka Alca, practices with his skateboard in a park in Barranquilla. Alca, who arrived in Colombia nine months ago due to the crisis in his country, was born without legs and exchanged his wheelchair for a skateboard.

Photograph: Raul Arboleda/AFP/Getty Images


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On 11/8/2018 at 4:58 AM, Recruit said:

The elephant "carries" the baby lion conscious being there is no chance to survive for him, due to the significant heat...




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