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April 2018 update for Windows 10 will be available to download later today


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April 2018 update for Windows 10 will be available to download later today

Rollout will begin May 8





From today, Windows 10 users will be able to download the free April 2018 update for the operating system, with an official rollout to PCs around the world scheduled to commence on May 8, 2018.


Announced via a blog post by Microsoft's corporate vice president Yusuf Mehdi, the update promises a host of new features, many of which are said to streamline your Windows experience and save you time while working.


The new Timeline feature allows users to send their PCs back in time up to 30 days in order to find missing files, documents or projects, meaning you'll be able to return to what you were doing weeks ago in an instant via automatic save states or by search. 


Best of all, the Timeline feature will work across your iOS or Android devices while using Microsoft Edge or Office 365.



Also introduced with the update is the new Focus Assist feature, which will provide users with a detailed summary of what they missed while they were goofing off on social media, including emails, notifications or updates. 


Focus Assist can be switched on when necessary, or set up for specific times if you're looking to get some work done without any distractions. 




Microsoft Edge has also been updated, with the browser receiving a variety of new features, including the ability to mute (or unmute) individual tabs by simply clicking on the tab's audio icon. It also has the ability to view books, PDFs and reading pages in full-screen, autofill options on web payment forms, and even a built-in Grammar Tools button to aid in reading comprehension. 



If you've been meaning to take advantage of Windows 10's voice assistant Cortana, you're in luck – the update's new Dictation feature makes it easier to capture your thoughts in a quick and accurate manner. 


To start Dictation mode, set your cursor in a text field, then press Win+H and start talking, then watch your words appear on screen. 



Of course, these are just some of the new features set to arrive in the latest Windows 10 update, with simplified IT management tools for enterprise users, new creative features for Photos, 3D and Windows Mixed Reality and new security enhancements also on the agenda.




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I will be looking out for official en-gb enterprise ISO images to test on virtual machines before I install it on my own machine properly.

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Rolling out on my virtual machines, both Enterprise en-gb.


Is there a way I can capture the downloaded files to build my own ISO?

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Windows 10 April 2018 Update: the 10 best new features

Lots of hidden features





Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 update is arriving for PCs and tablets today. Like the previous Fall Creators Update, it’s full of small features that improve Windows 10 without dramatically changing the platform. Microsoft is only adding one major feature with this update, and it’s the Timeline feature that lets you resume where you left off across multiple Windows 10 machines.


Elsewhere there’s easy sharing, quick Bluetooth pairing, a dictation feature, and the ability to mute tabs in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft is also continuing to tweak and improve the Fluent Design system it introduced with the Fall Creators Update. You’ll notice more hover effects when you’re using your mouse in the Start menu or notification center, and there’s a new blur effect on the taskbar. I’ve been testing the Windows 10 April 2018 Update for months now, and these are my favorite new additions.


Timeline is the major new feature here, and it replaces the familiar Task View button that shows what apps are currently running on a system. Timeline lets you see what apps are running, but also what apps and activities you’ve used on your Windows 10 PC in the past 30 days. These activities and apps sync across multiple machines, so if you’ve been using a laptop for a document you can easily pick up the same activity on a desktop PC that you’re also signed into.


You can also combine Timeline with Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android, and access the smartphone browser history on your PC. Microsoft is updating its mobile Edge apps to support this, and it’s one of the main reasons you might use Timeline. If you’re concerned over the privacy aspects of having documents, apps, and activity history in your Task View, Microsoft disables the device sync by default and you can disable activity history.




Windows has had a variety of dictation tools over the years, but Microsoft is creating a quick way to access the built-in Windows 10 version with the April 2018 Update. You can launch it with the windows key + H keyboard shortcut, and it will let you dictate into any app. I even wrote this part of the article using the dictation tool, and if you’ve got a good mic it works really well.





Chrome added tab muting recently, and now Microsoft is bringing the same feature to Edge. You can mute loud and annoying websites with this feature, and spare any audio blasting out of your speakers. Microsoft has also tweaked the performance and design of Edge. Microsoft Edge certainly feels better to use as a default browser with this update, but it still needs work to truly compete with Chrome.


Microsoft is also adding support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in this April 2018 update. PWAs are essentially web apps, but they have the full support of Google, Apple, and now Microsoft across mobile and desktop operating systems. This could improve the Windows 10 app situation, and we’re expecting to hear a lot more about PWAs for Windows 10 at Microsoft’s Build conference in May.



Scaling desktop apps has always been an issue in Windows, but this latest April 2018 Update is trying to make blurry apps a thing of the past. Windows 10 will now detect if an app is blurry because of a monitor change or if you docked a laptop, and it will attempt to scale it better to stop apps from scaling too small or becoming blurry.




Microsoft is adding in some great new audio features with this Windows 10 April 2018 Update. You can now set the input or output audio devices per application. You could have Spotify audio blasting out of your speakers, while your browser audio comes through a headset. The new audio settings let you customize both the input and output per application, so it’s also useful if you use different microphones across a variety of apps.


Microsoft is adding a simple and quick way to pair Bluetooth accessories. Windows 10 will now produce a notification to quickly connect to a Bluetooth peripheral and pair it. Microsoft is supporting its Surface Precision Mouse for now, and the company is working with Logitech and others to ensure additional hardware will support this quick way to Bluetooth pair in the future.




Ever get annoyed with those Windows Defender notifications that tell you Microsoft’s anti-virus just scanned your machine and it’s fine? Yeah, who cares. With the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, you can now suppress these notifications so you’re not told every single time there’s a successful scan.


Nearby sharing lets you easily share websites, photos, or documents to nearby Windows 10 machines. It’s not a feature you’re probably going to use all that often, but it works over Bluetooth and is similar to Apple’s AirDrop feature. You can share to devices that are colleagues or friends nearby, and it’s a lot quicker than emailing over a file. Nearby sharing is disabled by default, and you can set it to only receive files from your own devices or everyone nearby. Hopefully Microsoft adds the option to customize this further in the future so you can only receive from contacts.




Microsoft is changing and updating its do-not-disturb mode for Windows 10 with this new update. Previously known as Quiet Hours, Focus Assist is a smarter way of stopping notifications popping up when you’re busy. Focus Assist will now automatically mute notifications when you’re playing a game or projecting your presentation to a screen. This stops annoying notifications during a gaming session, or equally important meetings when you don’t want your emails, messages, and other notifications being displayed to the whole conference room.


You can also let particular apps break through and still trigger notifications, which is useful if you have a messaging app that you still want to see notifications from while you’re playing a game.


Microsoft is making some neat gaming-focused changes to Windows 10 with this update. You can now customize graphics performance per game, allowing you to set games to high performance or power saving. This is particularly useful if you’re using a laptop that’s capable of gaming, but you want certain games not to draw the best performance in order to save battery life. The new feature is available in “graphics settings” in the main settings app. Microsoft is also redesigning the Xbox game bar so it now has a white or black theme with this update.




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Successfully updated. Seems no problems at all. Version after update is 17134.1.

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ok has anyone tried to install this using the media creation tool ? i made an iso file with the MCT and on the version select screen it says "Last modified 4.12.2018" is that a bug or ?

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Installed via USB as upgrade to 17134.1 and upon checking 

SETTINGS - PRIVACY -  FEEDBACK shows reporting to

Insider Branch so me thinks this isn't final April 2018 Update...?

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What I like is that they FINALLY fixed the size of the icons in Windows settings. IDK WTF they were thinking having them so big they got cut off on displays with 1366x768 resolution and required you to scroll to see everything.
Idiots. Can't believe it took them years to fix that..

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On ‎1‎.‎5‎.‎2018‎ г. at 4:51 AM, Aksam420 said:

Is There Any ESD or ISO Links?


On ‎1‎.‎5‎.‎2018‎ г. at 6:03 AM, shorty6100 said:

Already posted in downloads section. Windows Media Creation Tool link (ISO):


What tool? To download ESD compression which does not support DISM instead of flexible raw WIM format?

Why you need this tool? Just download the original ISO directly from Microsoft as video here show. :hehe:



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