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[Expired] PageShare Web Hosting 2X3 - 2 websites 3 years web hosting


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PageShare Web Hosting 2X3 - 2 websites 3 years web hosting
Professional Website Hosting Online Services for Vole PageShare


Sanwhole PageShare Web Hosting system provides high stability, high speed and high security websites hosting service for Vole PageShare websites. The system uses highly stable Windows Server 2016 Datacenter operating system and Internet Information Services 10. The system uses pure high-speed SSD hard disk, multi-core CPU, massive memory and sufficient bandwidth to prepare the fast lane for the website hosting. The system server distributes the 3-level security backup system with different continents, different regions and different power sources. Servers are located in Munich, Nuremberg Germany and Buffalo United States.


Sanwhole PageShare Web Hosting system supports Vole PageShare standard websites and directory website hosting. The system provides free sanwhole.com and pageshare.org domain names for all hosting websites. You can also connect your site to a domain you already own. Sanwhole predefined domain names and custom domain name are valid at same time, which ensures that even if you don't have a domain name or your domain name temporary fails, your site is still online.







Site:  http://textuploader.com

Sharecode: /dftee



How to redeem license & activation


  • PageShare Web Hosting 2X3 - 2 websites 3 years web hosting may be used for 36 months and will not function after that unless you renew your subscription.
  • Support is provided for current subscriptions.
  • Your receipt email will contain a link to download and install the software. This will not be accessible after the promotion has expired, so download it immediately.
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