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iTunes now available from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10


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iTunes now available from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10

Though it's a little later than intended, iTunes is now up for grabs on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10.





The day has finally arrived: iTunes is now available in the Microsoft Store. We've known iTunes was coming to the Microsoft Store for some time, but Windows 10 users can now get their hands on the app, albeit a little later than originally anticipated.


For a portion of Windows 10 users, iTunes' appearance on the Microsoft Store may not matter much because they can use the standard desktop app. Where it will have an impact, however, is for anyone using Windows 10 S, which is locked down and only allows installation of apps from the Microsoft Store. For those users, the full desktop iTunes experience should be available here, complete with access to Apple Music streaming and iPhone syncing.




Apple's effort to bring iTunes to the Microsoft Store follows a similar move from Spotify, which brought its PC app to the Store last year using the Desktop Bridge. As Microsoft pushes Windows 10 S (eventually S Mode) as a low-hassle Windows option for students, schools and businesses, both apps represent potentially important additions to the Microsoft Store.


If you're an iTunes user, you can grab the app now from the Microsoft Store. If you already have the iTunes desktop app installed, be aware that the Microsoft Store version will remove the older install and migrate your settings the first time you run it.


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It very slow to start up the program and sometime it even not startup.


The verification system is not working  :(


test it with my iphone x


I will got back to the desktop verysion.

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Size is close to 500MB Oo - I will stick with the desktop version - can´t the any advantage installing the app version and the desktop version works at least properly.

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